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EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofing is a rubber single-ply roofing system that comes in 10 foot by 100 ft sheets in a variety of thicknesses. EPDM is fastenned to the roof using a bonding adhesive that is applied to both the rubber and an insulation board.  Once the EPDM has been bonded to the roof it is then seamed together with a 3 inch seam tape and all cut areas are flashed with a 6 inch flexible rubber flashing. 

 A properly installed EPDM roof can last up to 20 years with proper roof maintenance.

EPDM is the best value in flat roofing, as it is easily serviced and repaired by a properly trained technician. We strongly suggest an inspection at least once a year to ensure the seams are not failing.

How Long Do They Last?
As with most roofs, EPDM rubber  have varying lifespans that depend on numerous factors. These include how much water remains after rain, how long it takes water to evaporate, how much foot traffic it gets, environmental conditions  such as what type of building it (church or factory). Not to mention geographical location. Roofs in milder climates will outlast ones in harsher climates. Of course, the most important factor in a roof's life expectancy is quality of workmanship. If it is not properly installed, then its lifespan will be significantly shortened. 

As with all of our rubber EPDM, we use at a minimum 3 inch seam tape and 6 inch cover strip.  Any contractor offering to install EPDM rubber using lap sealant and black glue should not be in business.  This is an out dated method that is prone to seam and roof failure in 3 to 5 years.
 In addition to EPDM, we also offer cool roofing solutions.  Some of the better and longer lasting flat solutions are TPO and PVC.  These are fully welded systems involving no chemicals for seam adhesion. 
 Please ask for your estimate to include these as well.
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This article was written by Marcus Bernice Keilch (marcuskeilch@gmail.com) of Marcus Anthony Construction