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There are a number of flat roof deck possibilities to consider when thinking of making such an improvement to your home.  The most important aspect of this added outdoor living space is that it remains leak free for a long time.  The possibilities of waterproofing these bonus areas for outdoor living varies, we have seen people use anything from rolled roofing to EPDM and walk way pads, to floating cedar decks on top of EPDM Rubber roofs.
  One of the newer ideas used is slip resistant roofing membrane, these can be made out of PVC or sprayed on coatings.

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Flat Roof and Roof Top Decks in Connecticut
EPDM Rubber Roof ballasted with a floating cedar deck.
Ballasted Flat Roof Decks

A ballasted flat roof is one of the more common types of roofs seen on commercial buildings.  There are some added benefits to ballasting a roof.  The initial cost is much lower, screws, plates, bonding adhesive, and other products are not used, saving you both money on materials and labor.  The inherent flaw, if there is a problem, you are removing many tons of stone, or even ripping up your brand new deck to find and repair the flat roof.  Most often times we find these flat roof decks done with EPDM Rubber, in our experience these roofs have a 7 to 10 year lifespan.
Better Ballasted Flat Roofing Idea
The idea of ballasting a flat roof is not a bad idea, but a bit of thought needs to be put into it.  We do not like the idea of never being able to repair a roof, or having to rip a new deck apart to find a leak.  
One of the best ideas we have seen is from AZEK Materials.  They have come out with a rubber mat that acts like a grid, you place their walkway bricks in the grid, and now you have a safe flat roof to walk on, while saving considerable expense in installation, while still having easy access to the flat roof material  if repair is needed.
Azek Brick as Ballasting for a Flat Roof Deck or Patio
PVC flat roof membrane ideal for flat roof decks
Best and Longest Lasting Flat Roof Deck Solution
The best type of flat roofing material for a deck is one that doubles as the decking and the roof.  The material we most recommend for this scenario is a product called Deck Shield, it is manufactured by IB Roof Systems.  Deck Shield is a slip resistant single ply membrane.  It is fully adhered to the roof structure, and it comes with a 10 year warranty.  However, if it is installed on top of 80 mil PVC it now comes with a lifetime warranty.  One of the best things about this product, IB Roof Systems custom makes all flashing accessories for railing and post flashing.  Our customers get a materials warranty in writing.