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IB PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roof membrane originated in Europe in the early 1960s. It has the longest track record of any thermoplastic membrane on the market and is known for its durability and flame resistance as well as many other features.
Despite the incredible increase in vinyl roofing membrane use in Connecticut and the Northeast (such as TPO and EPDM), the use of PVC roofs continue to grow in popularity due to its proven track record and versatility. 

- Excellent resistance to flame exposure and fire propagation

- An ability to be made in a spectrum of colors, including reflective white, allowing for the application of rooftop logos, multi-colored roofs, or to compliment your home or buildings exsisting color scheme

- High resistance to punctures and impact, such as hail and fallen tree branches

- Good high-temperature tolerance and low-temperature flexibility making it perfect for changing Connecticut weather

- Produced with "fleece cushion" backing (usually polyester). This enables it to to be installed over rough surfaces and/or can adhere with a variety of adhesives 

- Resistant to wind-uplift due to its application methods

- Aesthetically appealing

- Virtually leak resistant due to its hot air welding application and a variety of vinyl-based accessories such as:
* Vinyl-coated sheet metal for edge
* Wall and curb flashing
* Prefab corner flashing
* 5" Two-Way Membrane vent
* Pipe boots
* Custom Scuppers
* Variety of sizes of vent-pipe flashing
All products are heat welded together, making your roof leak resistant and aesthetically appealing

Vinyl roof membranes also stand up exceptionally well to ponded water from rain and melting snow and to a variety of contaminants such as bird droppings, acid rain and air pollution. 


For Connecticut homes with a slight pitch, IB Traditions has an incredible line of Architectural Shingles printed on the membrane, allowing you to have the best of both worlds. It is perfect for low-sloped residential roofs with 3-in-12 pitch or less. With a lifetime warranty, you wont ever have to worry about replacing your shingles, leaks, or roof repairs again!

DECKSHIELD for Roof Decks:

This incredible product combines the water-tightness PVC with a slip-proof top allowing you to walk on it even when wet! IB DECKSHIELD exceeds the American Act for Disability's slip-resistance requirements, making it safe and durable while still looking great!


IB Chemguard is ideal for industrial manufacturing buildings, restaurants, deli/bakery, or even chemical production plants where oil and grease build-up from roof vents accumulate on the roofs surface. Oil and grease dissolve roofing membrane much faster than regular flat roof contaminates (bird droppings, leaves, etc). Once combined with acid rains, these harsh conditions greatly reduce the life expectancy of other flat roof membrane. IB Chemguard is designed to surpass ASTM standards and protect against such roofing hazards as animal fats, motor oil, cooking grease, gasoline and numerous other harsh chemicals and acids. IB Chemguard will eliminate lost revenue due to unexpected roof leaks and repairs!


IB Cool Flat Roof's white membrane reflects up to 90% of solar heat. Air conditioning in the summer may be just as expensive as heating in the winter, and a regular black-color flat roof will heat up to 170-degrees on a 85-degree day!! IB's Cool Roof will only heat up to 91-degrees, saving you money in cooling costs. 

By and none, IB PVC stands up to any other TPO style roofing membrane. IB can waterproof any roofing or decking surface you have, from surfaces around hot tubs to rooftop gardens. At Marcus Anthony Roofing, we are certified IB PVC installers, therefor we are authorized to offer our customers their manufacturer's warranty and you can rest assured that your roofing membrane will be installed properly and according to manufacturers specifications. 

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This article was written by Marcus Bernice Keilch (marcuskeilch@gmail.com) of Marcus Anthony Construction