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Typically, a properly installed rubber roof (EPDM) will be watertight and not leak for 7-10 years.  It is at this point where the seams and flashing will begin to fail. This happens because the EPDM seam flashings and adhesive breaks down, creating voids in the seams, and water begins to seep in.

Most EPDM rubber roofs can be repaired to extend their usable life by redoing the flashing and installing wider cover tape on long seams.

Our rubber EPDM repair process is very simple – we will provide the materials needed for the repair and include 2 hours of labor for repair work – all for $425! Certain restrictions apply.

Here is what we will do during our rubber flat  repair visit:

• Look for all possible sources of leaks – seam adhesive failures, flashing failures,  damage from weather, ponding water, improper initial installation, previous shoddy repair work,  etc.

• We will spend  up to 2 hours of repair work,  using ONLY EPDM Peel and Stick flashings and accessories.

• Most repairs can be done within two hours! Therefor in most cases, it will not cost you more than $425 to repair your roof.

• If after 2 hours repair work there is more repairs to be done, we will identify problem areas and give you a price to perform the additional work. If agreed upon, we will continue with repair work, or will come back at your discretion.

• During flat roof repair, we will thoroughly clean the the area of repair using water and brush to get heavy dirt off, and then use EPDM Rubber Membrane Cleaner to remove any carbon settlement.  and other contaminants that will prevent the proper adhesion of flashing membrane to the roof. We do not use gasoline to clean the repair area, as it is against the manufacturer’s requirements (although membrane cleaner costs about 10 times more than gasoline).
• We will identify the repair, that in our professional opinion,  need to be done to extend the usable life of your roof, and will present you the least expensive ways to do it.

• Included materials are limited to 10 linear feet or EPDM cover tape. If you need more Re-Seaming work done, this work will be priced on linear foot basis. Most jobs do not need more than 10 ln. ft. of cover tape

Cost of roof repair

The cost of the initial visit, roof inspection and 2 hours of repair work is $425. If the building is located within 50 miles of Hartford, Connecticut. If you are located within 50-100 miles from Hartford, we will charge an additional $50 for added travel.  Cost of additional flat roof repairs beyond the  initial 2 hours will be at the rate of $100 / hour.

Although most repairs are done within the included 2 hours, we suggest that you provide us through email  several digital pictures of your roof. These pictures should indicate potential leak spots, showing areas of  ponding water, and any curbs / roof to wall connection areas or any spots that you suspect are or might be the source of your roof leak. This will help us determine if the 2 hours will be enough to complete the job so that we may give you a proper time of repair estimate

Please note: We do not provide estimates for roof repairs!

If you want us to come out it will be to perform the repair work. If you think your  leak is complicated,  and will take more than two ours, please send us pictures first – this way we can figure out the scope of work and let you know approximate time needed for the repair.


Because there is variety of rubber membrane manufacturers, different age of rubber roofs, and as a general industry practice, we (nor do any other legitimate and reputable roofing contractor) do not warranty our roof repairs. However, we will perform the repair service to the best of our ability so that we can give you an approximation as to how long we believe said repair will last.  We do this because not only because we want your potential future business and value our reputation, but also as a homeowner, I personally know what it’s like to hire a bad contractor, and do not want my customers to experience it when doing business with us.

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This article was written by Marcus Bernice Keilch (marcuskeilch@gmail.com) of Marcus Anthony Construction