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Marcus Anthony Roofing is a Hartford Connecticut flat roof specialist.  We install and repair many different types of flat and low pitch roofing membranes. Our roof installation services include EPDM, TPO, Torch, and PVC roofing systems.

We are one of the few residential roofing contractors that specializes in flat roofs.  We have been installing flat roof membranes for years on low pitch residential roofs.  Flat roof membranes work great for preventing leaks from ice dams, and these roofing systems will out last a shingle roof by years.  

At Marcus Anthony Roofing  we hold our roofers and roofing technicians to the highest standards.  Our flat roof installers are knowledgeable in all aspects of flat roof installation and repair.
With all flat roof replacement and repair requests we follow a set of standards for every roof.
- Determine troubled area of roof.
- Take  pictures of area
- Supply client with pictures and possible solutions
- Make any necessary repairs as per customers approval

Proper flat roof maintenance is key.  Marcus Anthony Roofing offers flat roof maintenance plans.  The scope of our roof maintenance, we inspect the roof twice a year, checking all seams and roof protrusions to make sure that they are water tight.  We remove derbis from gutters and drains to eliminate standing water.  Please ask us about our roof maintenance packages.
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This article was written by Marcus Bernice Keilch (marcuskeilch@gmail.com) of Marcus Anthony Construction