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We offer a wide variety of roofing services from roof installation, complete new roof construction, to partial repairs.  Different members of our staff specialize in different fields of roofing; we will make sure to send the most experienced person in each field to you for an estimate and to complete the job.

Our services include:
-Roof Repairs 
-Roof "Tune-ups" 
-Gutter Replacement 
-Gutter Repairs
-Gutter Cleaning 
- Skylight installation 
-Roof Inspections 
- Attic insulation   
- Snow and ice removal
- Storm damage repairs

We specialize in the application of:
- Asphalt Shingles
-Low Pitch Roofing
- Commercial flat roofing
- Flat Roofs

Marcus Anthony Roofing and Construction is a CT roofing specialist. Beware of "do it all" contractors as they may not have the experience and know-how to detect and properly repair underlying issues. Our contractor will take the time to show you where the problems are, answer all of your questions and explain all aspects of your roofing project. 
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